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20-year-old-girl. homo and proud. you can see what i'm into from the stuff here so I would skip the introduction.


….. RIP Ms. Lance. 

R.I.P. Sara


Diggle always calling Oliver out on his BS.


He remembered…

Clara Oswald ± period costumes

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Life would be so much simpler if you liked the right people. People you’re supposed to like. But then, I guess, there would be no fairytales.


"Are you my Mummy?" | 1x10, 4x05, 8x08


Do you know— through all the tears and crying, I have learnt to be content and accept that I cannot always be happy. I learn to be secure in my loneliness, hopeful that I will be able to cope. But every year on Christmas Day I get very lonely. An incredible feeling of solitude. Everything begins to stand still, and even the trees have stop rustling. But I’m still moving, and I want to move, but I have nowhere to move to, and nowhere to go. The scars beneath my skin begin to surface, and I begin to get scared, scared of being alone. But now I know, that all this will pass, and tomorrow is another day, and I will carry on with my life.

Lilting (2014), Hong Khaou

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Four, always generous with the jelly babies.

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“People talk about this like it’s lust & not rape culture. Nah. There’s plenty of consensual nudity on the internet but you want STOLEN pics.”

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